1. Two Planks of Wood

  2. Never Better

  3. Tides

  4. Wind Send

  5. Anchor Breath
    Raoul Van Herpen

  6. Prison Analogies
    Paul May + James O'Sullivan

  7. Rhythms 15
    Shaun Robert

  8. Brilliant Channels
    Old Million Eye + Stuart Chalmers

  9. Porous Talk
    Jean-Baptiste Geoffroy

  10. Segni
    Paolo Sanna Okra Percussion Project

  11. Rainsweet Stillness
    Phil Maguire

  12. Tesserae
    Ed & Petals

  13. Eye Hill, Arm River
    Tim Olive

  14. Cold Case
    Breakdown Benjamin

  15. Vata

  16. A Secret Room

  17. Static Opacity
    Matt Atkins

  18. Geteilte Gerausche
    Chemiefaserwerk + Matt Atkins

  19. Harmonia
    Hydrogen Bouquet

  20. Awkward Winner
    Free Magic Show

  21. El Espanto de Lo Sensible

  22. Burnt Out

  23. Hands of Drone
    Harvey Sharman-Dunn

  24. Watched Over by the Machines of Shaddup You Face
    Territorial Gobbing

  25. Duet
    Martin Clarke + Matt Atkins

  26. Making a Meal of Things
    Egg & Crisp

  27. 3333
    Stefan Schmidt

  28. Maintaining
    Paul Khimasia Morgan

  29. Language is Leaving Us
    Mi Cosa De Resistance / Jens Pauly

  30. A Strange Place
    Jonathan Deasy

  31. Graphic Scores
    Matt Atkins

  32. Enfolding
    Matt Atkins + Slow Clinic

  33. Late April
    Costis Drygianakis + Matt Atkins

  34. New Ends
    Paul May + Matt Atkins

  35. A Softer Collision

  36. 3X3020719
    Phil Maguire + Shirley Smart + Matt Atkins

  37. Dispiegarsi

  38. Gestures and Constructs
    Matt Atkins and Ivy Nostrum

  39. Plume
    Matthew Atkins + Peter Marsh

  40. The Core of the Labyrinth
    Matt Atkins

  41. Responses 2
    Various Artists

  42. Six Decisions
    Matt Atkins + Martin Clarke

  43. Spore
    Christopher Hill + Matt Atkins + Ed Shipsey

  44. Paper Wasps
    Matthew Atkins + Peter Marsh

  45. A Garden of Solitude
    Matt Atkins

  46. An Index of Textures
    Danny Clay + Matt Atkins

  47. Cryptic System
    Matt Atkins

  48. Meshes
    Matt Atkins

  49. Spectral Terrace
    Matt Atkins

  50. The Shelter Object
    Matt Atkins

  51. The Subtle Silence
    Matt Atkins

  52. 3X3151019

  53. Responses
    Various Artists

  54. Stoke_Newtic W Ancient Drachma
    Matthew Atkins + Andrew Ciccone

  55. Lowercase
    Matthew Atkins + Adam Kinsey

  56. Unpopular Rest
    Matthew Atkins + Douglas Benford

  57. EP1

  58. Porous Inner Montage
    Matthew Atkins

  59. Still Films
    Matthew Atkins + Harvey Sharman-Dunn

  60. Fifty Three Loops
    Matthew Atkins

  61. Quiet Buildings
    Matthew Atkins + Harvey Sharman-Dunn

  62. Document 2
    Seven Hour Germ

  63. Document 1
    Seven Hour Germ

  64. Imaginary Cartography
    Matthew Atkins

  65. Found

  66. Folded Horizon EP

  67. Geometric Decay
    Matthew Atkins

  68. Bucolic Haze
    Fertile Structure

  69. A Monument to Decay
    Seven Hour Germ

  70. Untitled 4

  71. A Certain Beauty, A Certain Truth
    Matthew Atkins

  72. Through a Sea of Ink
    Fertile Structure

  73. An Abandoned Landscape
    Matthew Atkins

  74. Lit By Talons
    Shaded Monocle

  75. Theoretical Objects EP

  76. I Used to be Scared of the Sky EP
    Teruo + Platform

  77. Simple Pleasures

  78. Lovelorn EP

  79. Hiatus
    Matthew Atkins

  80. Flock Of Scissors EP
    Paul May + Platform

  81. Four Elements EP

  82. Untitled 3

  83. Broken Hulk Display EP
    Paul May + Platform

  84. Catgories of Dust

  85. Distanced

  86. Untitled 1


Minimal Resource Manipulation London, UK

MRM is not currently accepting demos.

MRM is a DIY label for experimental music curated by Matt Atkins, a London based sound and visual artist whose principle interests are reductionism, chance, repetition and texture. He uses objects, percussion instruments, occasionally a laptop and cassette recorders to create sound collages in both the recorded medium and live. ... more

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